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From assisting with the mere nuts and bolts of asset management, CAFM software has now evolved into a more comprehensive solution that facilitates operations and maintains the key assets of an organisation in exactly the way they’re supposed to – Optimally, Continually and most importantly, Profitably!

Asset Management

360 degree productivity

When it comes to deriving the maximum output from key assets of the organisation, most managers prefer to rely on software that gives an overview on the condition of the facilities just as efficiently as it does on the individual reporting of each asset. However, the scope of efficient CAFM solution lends itself to the maintenance, tracking, scheduling, and timely reporting with regard to the equipment and facilities of the company.

That said, every organisation functions uniquely and the Facilities Management varies just as much. In this case, a comprehensively customizable software becomes the need of the hour. With Pathfinder’s CAFM Solution- RECKO, managers will find themselves in the driver’s seat when it comes to the unique, individualised management of their facility.

RECKO is Pathfinder’s all-inclusive, built-to-suit CAFM Solution that has every feature one would expect, aside from a host of extraordinary elements that are quite simply ‘wow’.

  • What you get with RECKO - Allowing you to manage every facility from within a single platform, RECKO records asset history with complete end-to-end details such as asset condition, geographical and manufacturer details, category (multilevel), cost centre, technical specifications, asset references, spare parts, images, parameters, staff responsibilities aside from similar other important record histories.
  • Ensure compliance at each stage, stay informed on the cost of each asset and maintain a through history card that encompasses detailed information on each and every aspect of the asset before and after implementation of RECKO’s CAFM Solution.
  • Systematically detect new assets and automatically determine the timely disposal of the same.

  • Stay abreast on the asset history, namely the material used, details of preventive and breakdown maintenance activities carried along with their individual schedules, manpower details and cost of maintenance/ preventive maintenance.
  • From hardware, HVAC, Mechanical and Electrical to Plumbing, Production, IT and Inventory, RECKO makes way for efficient asset management at the click of a button. What’s more, automatic lifecycle tracking, performance audits including alerts on asset withdrawal from active service, maintenance and control of the asset are easily performed with RECKO’s user-friendly functions.
  • RECKO tracks the asset at every step of the way, starting from exactly determining the number of assets to comprehensively monitoring where they are being utilised and by whom, RECKO automatically allocates a unique asset tag number and barcode, making it easier for managers to control the assets at all times.
  • Grade and manage the asset structure under parent and child arrangement.
  • Integrate with 3rd party BMS solution providers and track on a day-to-day basis the status performance of each asset.
  • A central repository of documents, RECKO manages all documents, O&M manuals and SOP’s conveniently and efficiently. They are automatically associated with similar type of assets and allow for users to access them from anywhere, at anytime. Access is restricted to viewing only - download or print is not permitted.
  • Easy integration and notification of Warranty details for the specified asset under parent-child structure.
  • User defined Straight line or Salvage method Depreciation processing and forecasting.
  • The Asset Management Database tool allows for convenient and seamless asset migration of huge asset data from spreadsheets.
  • RECKO’s inherent functionality facilitates operations by automating requests for upgrades, regular maintenance and decommissioning or replacement.
  • Deploy on any operating system or device easily.

A Service-level agreement (SLA) is intended, in every sense of the term, to function as a clear cut contract that outlines the services and the performance levels (with specific quality and framework parameters) expected from the service supplier and its customers. With Pathfinder’s Service Level Agreement solution - RECKO, service suppliers are not only assured of a central, single point solution that manages unique SLA contracts and the specified metrics and exclusions but also proactively provides a remedial Plan b auto-resolution in case of any violations.

What you get with RECKO

  • Manage a whole lot of functions such as defining the availability and, time period of the services, maintaining pre-defined frequencies, checklists and schedules.
  • Easily align the Service Level Agreement solution with the contract/ agreement.
  • Foster a profitable customer support relationship between service suppliers and between service suppliers and customers.
  • Monitor the performance benchmarks from time to time. Manage the contract and its various asset category-specific checkpoints, check lists, frequencies, location, materials, schedules and workforce parameters.
  • Schedule advance notifications in case of any downtime changes and specify an auto generated help desk response according to predefined issues.
  • Create an ecosystem where service suppliers can measure and accountably quantify the service performance levels rendered with their customers.

We all know what happens when company owned equipment is not maintained correctly – valuable time and money is lost, aside from which the maintenance personnel and administration must run against the clock in order to ensure restoration and order. As a practice, most companies prefer to rely on timely Preventive maintenance (PM) that takes care of the timely scheduling of the task efficiently such that maintenance personnel adhere to equipment manufacturer’s procedures, every single time.

What you get with RECKO

  • Pathfinder’s Preventive Maintenance solution is designed to ensure that assets are routinely checked and monitored and are maintained in optimal condition thereby increasing their lifespan.
  • Our Preventive Maintenance solution makes way for fuss free preventive maintenance scheduling and tracking, with an end-to-end PM task with an intelligent stage-wise workflow capability that begins from planning and progress to the final stage of completion.
  • User friendly and adaptable, use the Preventive Maintenance solution to schedule work orders systematically and smartly.
  • Prevent major issues, save costs and reduce implementation time by establishing a methodical mechanism of executing PM jobs that will keep the assets prim and proper.
  • Generate a work order that automatically allocates maintenance personnel, integrates images, records start and end time of employee hours, enters status and parameters against each checkpoints and records the repair items thus used. Moreover, with the Job Inspection process, control a PM task as per individual checkpoints or on a whole work order basis.
  • Calculate and allocate the technicians needed for the job with the option of recording the signature of the maintenance personnel using mobile application.
  • Cut down on emergency situations and production obstructions by assigning an asset as defective, if so found during PM schedule.
  • Schedule, re-schedule, generate status reports, and allocate timely (month wise and day wise) PM work orders as per unique reference numbers.

Multiple checklist inspections can be efficiently carried out by supervisors and inspectors on a day-to-day basis. In fact, companies find Recko’s Daily Inspection tool to be especially apt in scenarios where operations and safety procedures need to be regularly checked. Recording and replicating the asset status and conditions of single/many assets is easy with multiple users aside from which the stored history card pulls up every detail pertaining to it.

Never before has organizing inventory data been this easy! Use the Materials Management tool to keep a tab on inventory levels, and maintain a materials registry that comes with the unique option of incorporating a unique material code specially assigned for it. What’s more, the Materials Management tool comes packed with a ‘Multiple Warehouse Multiple Stores in a Warehouse Bin Concept’ for storing material aside from which the tracking, re-order, cancellation and return of Materials is easily said and done.

Manage Contracts and Sub-Contracts efficiently with Recko’s Contracts and Sub-Contracts tool. Monitor and store all information pertaining to various maintenance contractors by capturing every relevant detail such as name, associate customer, period, type of contract, activities, assets to maintain, financial details, employees, location and site involved.

Packed with multiple features, one can pull up Performance details or switch/ import a sales order into a current maintenance contract. Besides, the Contracts and Subcontracts tool can be incorporated with a unique contract code that displays complete information on the contractors / subcontractors with the subcontract record attached with a unique sub contract code.

Keeping track of personnel involved in maintenance activity can be efficiently managed with Recko’s Employee tool.

  • Store all information pertaining to the individual staff involved in various maintenance activities by capturing details such as name, age, birth date, gender, nationality, nature of work, group, qualification, skills, training, passport and visa details. Categorize the records as self (contractor), client, and subcontractor.
  • Easily align attendance details from 3rd party biometric devices and maintain records of daily, weekly and monthly attendance reports with overtime, shift and utilization sets.

Report, log and proactively manage any sort of incident with the incidents solution. Assisting site technicians and supervisors to respond to the incident while immediately reporting to the management, Recko’s Incidents solution can be used for tracking and standardizing multiple types of incidents of an asset under various parameters.

  • Resolve and prevent incidents by recording current condition, contact details, recommendations and real time images related to the incident among other vital information pertaining to it.

Make way for an intelligent Space and Occupancy solution that performs as a single platform from which single/ multiple spaces can be efficiently managed effortlessly via a few clicks.

  • With Recko’s Space and Occupancy solution, classify information based on usage and the occupants across all managed spaces.
  • Gain more control on occupancy costs by categorizing space data into type, use and allocation sets.
  • Secure and adaptable, the solution is hosted on a web-based environment allowing for facility professionals, department liaisons and executive management to comprehensively utilise their spaces efficiently and intelligently.
  • Monetize vacant spaces by immediately pulling up a status report.
  • Track the workforce and intelligently allocate workspaces by using the detailed view of space use for shared common areas/ specific job areas.

An add-on solution to the existing core modules of Recko, the Workflow engine allows for users to experience the convenience of approving/rejecting multiple maintenance-related tasks on a day-to-day basis.

  • Align it to pre-defined approval hierarchy and set multiple escalation levels for people of same/next levels depending on total value of the task.
  • The Workflow engine can be defined to approve those tasks which have been completed, namely preventive maintenance, material/purchase requests, purchase orders or leave requests.

An add-on solution to Recko, the Accounts tool works as an end-to-end database relating to bank statements, invoices, payables and receivables.

  • Adaptable with internal/ external account histories, it is easy to switch committed estimates into invoices, generate a Chart of Accounts or make an invoicing timetable automatically set to the billing cycle.

Harnessing the power of automation for certain key tasks such as Helpdesk and breakdown maintenance, Daily Inspection tasks, Materials Management, Accounts and Sales, Space and Occupancy ensures that users are ably vested with the ability to carry out vital functions without interruptions and unnecessary technical hitches. However, the key word here is ‘automation efficiency’, for a perfectly seamless business operation is only as good as the automation that’s managing it.

  • The last word on lightning-fast ambidextrous CAFM software, Pathfinder’s product RECKO, is regarded as the definitive solution when it comes to helpdesk and breakdown maintenance, as not only are users in a position to track complaints from registration to completion but they’re also enabled to understand the nature of complaints along with replete details and end-to-end information on it.
  • In effect, our Helpdesk and breakdown maintenance software helps organisations to proactively handle major interruption issues while notifying users via an auto generated help desk response.
  • Monitoring stage-wise progress of complaints, creating job estimation reports, exercising greater control in allocating staff and materials based on the work order and generating month wise and day wise status reports is quick and self-operating via RECKO.

In the corporate world, a prospective sales lead literally means a prospective business deal and this is probably why it is pertinent that sales leads be captured on-time, every time.

With Recko’s Sales tool users can do just that and then some more!

  • Track sales leads in their entirety while concurrently maintaining a comprehensive database of customer and sales leads.
  • Store client information and create quotations/ job estimations.
  • Automatically switch a successful sales order to contract.
  • Monitor the sales lead from end-to-end, from inception to completion.
  • Identify the cause for a sales lead loss and implement follow-up plans.

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