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A one stop tool to connect your customer and understand their behaviour

As a part of the marketing strategy, brands today focus their energies on three key elements

Customer Engagement, Customer Engagement &
Customer Engagement

The buzzword that's captured the attention of big, medium and small enterprises alike, 'customer engagement' has come to quite simply mean two things- One, your brand has successfully established an emotional relationship with the customer and Two, his/her is likely to keep coming back for more. And we all know the importance of a repeat customer, don't we?

The times - they HAVE changed

Consider this, in the olden days of yore, the average person saw just about 500 advertisements in a day. Now, the average person is subjected to anything between 3000 to 5,000 advertisements per day. In fact data further suggests that this average person spends a mere 8 seconds on your advert.

If you have not grabbed his/her attention within these precious 8 seconds, you may as well pull the shutters down, shut shop and take the next flight home!

Move from bye to buy – But How?

Gone are the days when hypothesis ruled, for now any and every customer engagement strategy begins and ends with 'triggers' which in turn rely on 'customer insights'. In other words, the success of the customer engagement strategy wholly, solely and completely relies on the extent of customer insights.

And wholly, solely and completely dedicated to capturing crucial in-airport retail customer insights is Pathfinder's revolutionary Airport Retail Customer Engagement product – Rappo

Success starting with a Rappo

We all have, at some point or another, purchased souvenirs, apparel or gifts for loved ones from retail stores at the airport. While some of us are drawn to luxury goods some others find themselves attracted to makeup and skincare products or confection stores.

Rappo is an intricate mesh of focused insights and specific trigger data that comprehensively covers a wide global customer profile pointedly telling you what will draw one traveller to luxury goods and another to makeup. What's more, Rappo allows an in-depth understanding in purchase patterns aside from offering multiple engagement point's specific to airport retail.

Needless to say, this opens up a world of customer engagement possibilities and we at Pathfinder truly believe that success in airport retail starts with a Rappo

Rely on Rappo with eyes closed

Rappo is a highly specific, targeted product for two verticals- individual concessionaires on a micro basis and the entire Airport showroom set-up on a macro level.

In both cases though Rappo helps brands to make a smooth transition from a goodbye to a good buy.

Starting from a feature-rich platform that allows for on-line and off-line customer engagement aside from a host of insights that actually assist in customer acquisition and retention, Rappo has the ability to turn the casual window-shopping exercise into a real airport shopping experience.

The Customer is King

The Customer is indeed the King but given today's fickle, ever-changing predilections understanding the King's behaviour, preferences and spending habits can be a tad tricky, especially if you're ill-equipped to do so. With Rappo however, acquiring this data is as simple as 1 2 3.

Rappo offers data-driven perspectives in the historical purchases, the frequency of visits, and the preferred medium of advert communication aside from detailed segmentation data, so that brands are ably enabled to speak to a customer in the manner his/her most appreciates.

Product Features

Key Insights

  • Award loyalty points that are common across all outlets
  • Enable highly segmented and preference based targeting
  • Send cross category contextual offers
  • Track KPIs that matters to airports, tenants and customers
  • Discover valuable customer insights
  • Generate custom reports
  • Airport based e-marketplace integration

Automated, accurate & consistent retail solutions that put
you in complete control of your business.

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