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Accurate concessionaire sales data collection and advanced analytics consolidated into one accessible platform that provides unprecedented insights into non-aeronautical revenue from concessions at Airport.

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Automate Concessionaire Sales Data Capture

Pathfinder's POS Patrol (concession analyzer solution) empowers airports to automate their data capture process to deliver consistent and dependable data that could be accessed through an intuitive web portal hosted on extremely secure professional hosting environment, helping them analyze and interpret data as they would want.

Improve Efficiency

Minimize time & effort that goes into gathering data manually, collect real-time sales data automatically right from concessionaire’s point of sale without the need to replace any existing infrastructure using automated Concessionaire sales reporting solution. Sales data captured without any manual intervention leaves no scope for misreporting and/or discrepancies that may arise with manual collection and reporting.

Measure Revenue share

Sales data is indispensable for any Airport that runs on revenue share model with concessions. Automated concessionaire sales data collection allows airports to compute revenue share due from concessionaires accurately on real-time without having to wait for them to submit their sales data. The computed non-aeronautical revenue share could be integrated with our contract management solution which allows automation of contracts and billing to concessionaires.

Methods of data capture

Airports can choose from versatile methods of automatic data capture that best suits their infrastructural requirements and agreement with concessions.


  • Small footprint agent
  • Database Integration
  • Automated data capture
  • Near real-time reporting
  • Consistent flow of data
  • Guaranteed accuracy


  • Small footprint agent
  • Zero Integration
  • Automated data capture
  • Near real-time reporting
  • Consistent flow of data
  • Guaranteed accuracy


  • Legacy method
  • Data pushed by retailers in defined nomenclature
  • Accuracy guaranteed to the extent of data reported


  • Legacy method
  • Manual data input
  • (Daily / Monthly)

Business Benefits

Increase Revenue

  • Airports can take advantage of our concessionaire sales data collection solution to improve their non-aeronautical revenues drastically. By analyzing sales, airports can measure against key concessionaire performance metrics with access to all the information easily on dashboard.
  • These insights further allow airports to plan promotions, measure success of campaigns, adjust retail mix to reflect demand and engage more popular brands while looking at expansion.

Analysis & Reports

  • Leverage data to gain valuable insight into purchasing behavior and add value with services for seamless travel experience.
  • Combine sales data with passenger data to get a detailed analysis of sales patterns tied into passenger numbers, their geography and expected purchasing habits.
  • Boarding pass data combined with sales figures can deliver detailed conversion rate analysis and in turn help with product placement, performance benchmarking and resource allocations.

Business Cases

Concessionair Analyzer in Mumbai Airport

Airports are not just restricted to travel but have become the catalyst for a whole new integrated multi-use development that have evolved to offer a complete mix of business, retail, industry and tourism activities.

No wonder India is keen to scale up the international airport experience on par with international standards. All new upgraded airports for business and tourism means increased revenues for the airport. As a result of the increasing demand there is strong demand from both quality domestic and international retailers to locate in airport terminals.

Built in 7.6km² Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) is the second largest airport in the country. Currently CSIA is handling 30.75 Million passengers and 6000,000 tonnes of cargo. In 2003, AAI approved a whopping $7.6 billion investment towards modernization of Delhi and Mumbai airports in an attempt to increase business and tourist revenue by delivering an upgraded international experience to the passengers.

CSIA has upgraded its 4 terminals to host both local and global brands from different categories covering Apparels to Artifacts, F&B & Wellness. This new initiative has given an unprecedented success in non- aviation revenue generation. CSIA wanted to upgrade the existing retail environment and fine tune to deliver the master stroke with their ever growing retail dynamics.

Pathfinder has taken the lead and won the prestigious project to redefine the Retail Business Dynamics of CSIA. Pathfinder gave an overhaul to the project won with their non-aviation business intelligence analytics. The revolutionary data analytics gave a 360 degree insight from different angles to investigate and analyze the consumption, footfall, frequency of shopping, shopper profiling. This data intelligence will make the CSIA authorities outline their future actions towards the ambitious scaling up of non-aviation transactions to the expected 40 million passengers in the near future in short span of time.

Concessionaire Analyzer in Bengaluru Airport

Kempegowda International Airport located in Bangalore, INDIA with a Passenger traffic of 18 million (2015), voted as the best airport in India and Central Asia by Skytrax World Airport Awards 2015

The third largest airport located at Bangalore – known as the silicon valley and IT capital of India, has dedicated retail space in each of its terminals with a total of about 135 concessions, the retail mix here is designed to take care of every segment of traveller.

problem solved

All these airports had one thing in common, they were in search of an innovative solution that could track sales from concessions real time and provide visibility into their retail operations and passengers preference without having to replace any existing infrastructure.

Concessionaire Analyzer solution in Rajiv Gandhi Airport

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport sets all new standard for retail revenue

Airports have grown in leaps and bounds to boost the economy of India with the large number of passenger traffic. Adding on to this, the retail industry has taken the eyeballs of many reigniting the retail therapy for the passenger traffic inside the airport.

Rajiv Gandhi International is expecting a significant increase in non-aviation, retail business due to the increase in the passenger traffic in the coming days.

Hyderabad, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) is built on a 2,500m² space. This 'Airport Village' is filled up with various types of retail therapy. This also includes a business hotel close to the terminal edifice. This airport village offers an intelligent solution capitalizing the transit time for retail therapy. RGIA has built this mega international airport with an aim to cater to 50 million passengers. Currently the airport is pegged at 12 million and ranked 3rd Best in the world by the ACI.

RGIA is on a constant mission to keep upgrading their efforts to better the airport offering Pathfinder won the confidence of RGIA and won the RGIA project to redefine the way retail business is handled by the airport.

Pathfinder broke the stereotype and delineated path breaking solution tracking the density of the airport zones and category wise performance of its concessions along with other critical analysis. Pathfinder delivered an unparalleled data intelligence captured in an authentic way to suggest a unique tenant mix that would attract prospects in a promising way.

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