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Abridge your Decision Making Process with the
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The corporate boardroom is one place where the adage ‘forewarned is forearmed’ holds especially true, when strategic decisions impacting the entire organisation are at stake. Well-intentioned as they may seem, business decisions often result in favourable outcomes only when the intelligence that guides is predictive. In fact, we like to think that the difference between a favourable outcome and an unfavourable one has a direct, unequivocal correlation with the Business Intelligence system employed.

Unravel data. Analyse. Determine

A good Business Intelligence system will throw up data sets that may or may not be of use to your business. A great business intelligence system such as that of Pathfinder’s offers an intuitive, fundamentally sound Business Intelligence system throws up decipherable data that gives a holistic understanding of the vital functions of the business and intelligently uses predictive analysis to determine the future performance too.

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The way forward is buzzing with action

Pathfinder’s business intelligence system – BUZZLYTICS is a product offering that draws on the best of domain expertise from professionals who know their technology like the back of their hand. With rich experience in Business Intelligence (BI), Pathfinder’s BUZZLYTICS is buzzing with actionable insights. BUZZLYTICS tools and visualizations are designed such that a businesses core strengths and vulnerabilities are exactly isolated, possible weaknesses and tactical strong points are determined, enabling a well-informed, forewarned, forearmed decision.

The BUZZLYTICS Dashboard

Accessing and investigating data, gleaning new trends or monitoring data is easily said and done from within the BUZZLYTICS Dashboard. Clean, intuitive and packed with spectacular visualizations, BUZZLYTICS offers a brand new take on personalized dashboards and graphical analysis that can be tailor-made to suit personal user preferences in a flash.

User friendly and loaded with a one-of-its-kind ‘Design once, Use anywhere’ UI engine, BUZZLYTICS is seamlessly compatible with a host of devices, desktops, mobiles and tablets that allows for easy and direct monitoring, sharing and presenting business data. A browser based interface that offers notification alerts for exceptions and trends, BUZZLYTICS employs deep dive analysis (filters, drill down and drill up, ad hoc time period data analysis and more) within a rich, interactive, visually appealing BI dashboard.

Not guesswork, Key Performance Indicators that work

Businesses often have to rely on intangible measurements and elusive benchmarks that don’t correctly portray the health of the organisation. With BUZZLYTICS’ Multidimensional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Analytics however, there is a measurable, tangible, proven inference-making process that take the guesswork out of your work.

With BUZZLYTICS KPI Analytics,

Businesses can zero in on problematic areas, pinpoint the strongholds of the company, determine feasibility of new launches, arrive at mutual consensus on pricing policies, compare and analyse rival’s strategies and make tactical decisions based on these indicator analytics.

Furthermore, there is complete control with the user with regard to making it as interactive and detailed as required. Monitor KPIs at the individual, team, department, division and company level and access instant insights in avenues that were unexplored before. With a responsive analytics tool like BUZZLYTICS, one can generate metric reports immediately, set polarity, frequency and threshold levels or change frequencies as desired.

With dimension breakdowns, drill down analysis, BUZZLYTICS allows to characterize KPI’s as required. What’s more, the browser based interface tool is easy to use and is backed by a powerful expression engine.

Plug n' Play Predictive and Forecasting Analytics

Fancy degrees and even fancier designations no longer matter. Not when BUZZLYTICS Plug n' Play Predictive and Forecasting Analytics is around. Simplifying an organizations complex data analysis process and transforming it into an easily understandable, highly Visual Smart Data form; BUZZLYTICS Plug n Play predictive and Forecasting tools literally gives ‘more power to you’ – albeit minus the fuss of a fancy sounding degree!

Using an advanced data discovery system, BUZZLYTICS Plug n Play predictive and Forecasting tools harness the power of high-level predictive algorithms in such a way that users have access to a range of smart auto-permutation/ combination solutions that work to improve overall efficacy and empower businesses to intercept trends in advance.

Data quality is streamlined and intelligently displayed with Self-Serve Data Preparation. Users are presented with auto-connected data that has been aligned with smart suggestions based on relationships and hierarchies. Without overwhelming the user with data and confusing charts, Smart Data Visualization automatically displays underlying data with the best possible visualization.

Carrying out classifications, clustering, associative, time series and other predictive and forecasting analysis is fuss-free and pretty much straightforward. Moreover, using Advanced Data Discovery, patterns, exclusions and the discovery of ‘precious titbits of information’ concealed in traditional data is revealed, leading to results that are accurately predicted. Every single time!

Think of it as a head-on dive in the deep end of the data pool. Only this data pool has implications that far extend into every aspect of your organizations verticals, some of which may possibly be buried deep in dark data.

Abridging an organizations business data using drill-down reports, users have the option of accessing interactive reports that can be displayed in a personalized multiple level as required. One can delve deeper and explore a particular entry, sort or rank data and conceal a data set as needed. Allowing for multiple actions on the particular data set, the user has complete control on the drill-down reports he/she would like to see.

With cross-tab analytics, users have a holistic, comprehensive display of multi-dimensional data with ad-hoc queries and BI reporting.

BI at its best, use Deep-Dive Analytics to analyse and determine the most relevant Information. Get an accurate analysis of performance with Deep-Dive Analytics’ slice and dice, drill down, drill up and drill data features. Use this data to your advantage.

Navigate through complex data operations with easy-to-use features such as summary operations and time series functions. With the filters and custom column expressions engine, users are delivered accurate information enabling a comprehensive, well-informed business decision.

Backed by a browser based interface, users can utilise Cross tab analysis with pivot table and OLAP analysis from anywhere, at anytime!

Self-explanatory, What-If Analysis allows users to temporarily substitute a variable and examine the end results caused as a result of the substitution. In the corporate scenario however, What If Analysis helps businesses to examine the results when there is uncertainty or a potential change. Allowing for making a calculated decision that is driven by comparison and flexibility of testing many different “what if” situations, What If Analysis provides a visual display of the impact of each option.

Allowing users to specify the values and options as required, What If Analysis is a useful tool for long-term and short-term planning and the eventual roll-out of strategies.

An accurate rundown on both the non-financial and financial performance parameters, The Balanced Scorecard feature is, as the name suggests, a performance management structure that allows for a holistic and measurable overview on the company’s performance. Within the Balanced Scorecard structure measurements are set within 4 key parameters, namely, Customer, Financial, Internal Processes and Learning and Growth.

The Balanced Scorecard feature and the KPI feature are closely linked, in that the Scorecard will identify the performing and the non- performing areas within the pre-set non-financial and financial parameters.

With an efficient and lightning quick Business Intelligence system such as BUZZLYTICS, the delivery and publishing of data is well-organized and immediate.

Users can fully control the configuration, the delivery mode and the frequency at which they would like to publish their business data. Aside from this, users can monitor, share and automatically store the data as specified.

Get notifications about pre-defined threshold points or receive auto-alerts for monitoring KPI’s and metrics when exception conditions occur.

Save time and energy by setting, modifying and deleting alerts based on specific thresholds.

Avoid negative business catastrophes by way of Personalized Alerts that immediately inform when something critical occurs. This relieves pressure on the management to constantly be on the watch and maintain vigil of unforeseen circumstances.

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