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Increase customer footfall
through smart People Counting Solution

In most countries across the world, economies are on an upswing. Newer inventions and technologies are being brought to the market faster than ever before. There is caution in the air, yes, but there is also a quiet optimism that is powering businesses to expand to newer horizons. The global citizen, he is watchful, but he’s also lifted by the promise of a better tomorrow, more than ever before.

As expected, consumer sentiment is on the rise and for this reason, more and more consumers are being seen, well, practically everywhere – in shopping centres, at airports, in exotic holiday locales and at social hotspots. Looking forward, businesses are keen to capture consumer sentiment in such a way that it translates into productivity and long term profitability.

Now these consumers we talk of, whether at the shopping centre or at an airport, aren’t just ‘faces in a crowd’ but monumental opportunities for uninterrupted, eternal BUSINESS VALUE.

That’s a whooping 45.5 million ‘faces’ collectively!

Drill down a bit more and it’s obvious that these aren’t just ‘faces in a crowd’ but monumental opportunities for cashing in on a goldmine resource.

Considering this, a state-of-the-art Face Recognition Technology is the ultimate, inevitable channel where enterprises can identify, analyse, and increase their net worth - measurably, synchronously and automatically.

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Facing the challenge with Pathfinder

While YOY increase in passenger traffic/ shopping centre footfalls is not a recent phenomena, the need for a reliable, quick and precise Face Recognition solution is fairly recent.

As many enterprises have discovered, a measurable Footfall or People Counting solution harnesses the power of facial recognition and translates it into accurate customer interaction. This in turn drives sales, helps to make informed business assessments and re-calibrate in-store promotions/ offers or make organisational adjustments when needed.

As such, Pathfinder’s Footfall or People Counting solution ThirdEYE is regarded as the prevailing, most cutting-edge Face Recognition technologies that identifies One face vs. Many faces effectively and accurately.

People Counting with Pathfinder

By utilising the current infrastructure set-up of CCTV cameras, Pathfinder’s People Counting solution ThirdEYE captures images (faces) and measures footfalls based on segmented parameters such as gender, age group and the frequency of visits.

Powered by the world’s most advanced face recognition technology, enterprises are allowed to tangibly identify new/ existing customers and drive targeted communication or create a pattern based on the dwell time, spending behaviour, journey and the places he/she most patronizes within the property.

But that’s not all; ThirdEYE de facto identifies the ‘cash cow’ areas within the property, accurately pinpoints which retailer has a better conversion ratio, which one’s a poor performer, which merchandising promotions have delivered the most conversions, with whom and on which days.

There is optimum utilisation of finances aside from which enterprises are empowered to analyse insights and determine their next course of strategic action. Core strengths are identified; precise predictions with regard to customer traffic on holidays and re-calibration of game plans are effectively made in real time.

With ThirdEYE there is more control in running the property’s operations, staff and facilities management on the whole. In fact charting out a timetable for facility maintenance activities and aligning safety and security related procedures become time bound and simple to roll-out.

Making use of clever Face Recognition Technology, offenders are immediately identified even in disguise and tracked, thereby allowing for due security arrangements. Real time surveillance makes way for the generation of a faceprint watch list and corresponding it with the database in real-time becomes seamless and reliable. A boon in case of unforeseen contingencies, this data can be provided to special, local, or state law enforcement agencies.

The applications for facial recognition technology are immense and one such prolific avenue for Shopping Centres comes in the form of transforming the marketing and tenant segment.

With ready data at hand, agents, tenants, landlords and lease managers can build a smart tenant mix that has the perfect combination of anchor and regular (vanilla) stores, entertainment/ recreation and mixed use spaces optimally aligned to ensure shoppers are engaged at every level, every step of the way inside the Shopping Centre. Moreover, with this solution, even the Gross Leasable Area (GLA) incomes are positively impacted.

A web hosted application, ThirdEYE makes it exceedingly easy for authorised personnel to access data reports that can be as detailed or as holistic as desired. Be it generating a report on the sites performance or sourcing a segmented sale chart, making decisions based on customer and transaction data or measuring the success ratio of a special promotion The solution draws on Pathfinder’s in-depth expertise in precise sales data automatically acquired from POS retailers, aside from which the solution offers high-end demographic visibility too. With ThirdEYE, reports are quickly generated on dashboards and allow for a measurable, fully-informed resolution.


  • Identify cash cow and underperforming areas within the shopping centre/airport/commercial property.
  • Pathfinder’s People Counting solution ThirdEYE captures images (faces) and measures footfalls using the current CCTV camera infrastructure. No additional equipment required.
  • Identify new/existing customers and drive targeted communication using the world’s most advanced face recognition technology.
  • Run the property’s operations, staff and facilities management seamlessly on one platform.
  • Pinpoint and track offenders (even if disguised) immediately.
  • Agents, tenants, landlords and lease managers are empowered with complete data to build a smart tenant mix as desired.
  • Positively impact Gross Leasable Area (GLA) incomes.
  • Generate actionable reports with in-depth demographic and precise sales data.

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