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From Operation to Contract and
Space Management PROLEAZ covers every base

They are referred to as experiences, even one-stop melting pots where convenience meets casual chill, frenzied entertainment meets laidback browsing and indoor comfort meets bustling social interactions. But that’s not all that they are. Business pundits like to refer to them as key transformative hubs and major revenue centres – but you and I fondly refer to them as Shopping Centers.

A pulsating, dynamic source of revenue that involves the interplay of many key variables, a successful, money spinning Shopping Center is only as good as the software that manages it.

Needless to say these income avenues constitute a large part of Shopping centre profitability and accurate, seamless management of this revenue calculation is not an optional but an essential function in this order of business.

Specific Expertise

Pathfinder’s rich experience in managing shopping centres allows for you to be in control of the entire Lease Management framework, in that our product PROLEAZ efficiently automates space management and lease processes in order that business owners are ‘re-leased from the complications of Lease Management’.

Right on schedule

Sensing a massive opportunity, we at Pathfinder’s responded to the need of developing an intelligent automated solution that suits an Shopping centre’s across-the-board Contract Management requirement accurately.

Welcome you to Pathfinder’s business intelligence (BI) Contract Management solution - PROLEAZ.

A smarter, quicker, fuss-free Contract Management solution -PROLEAZ is a single integrated lease contract solution for single and multi-site engagement. A top notch solution, PROLEAZ makes way for an accountable, fully-compliant system.

With PROLEAZ the payment system is improved and crucial optimization is achieved by way of reports in real time. But that’s not all, PROLEAZ allows for streamlined automation in receipt of rental revenues along with a built-in automated billing feature that schedules rent, CAM (common area maintenance charges) among a host of other features.

Business Benefits

  • Automate and Manage contracts/ agreements.
  • Digitize and centralize all Retailer related information to be accessed by authorized users anytime on multiple channels.
  • Streamline rental revenues with automated billing feature to schedule rent, CAM , utility charges, late charges and automatically bill when due.
  • Seamless integration to calculate revenue share rents in accordance with the lease terms defined in contract & bill automatically
  • Keep track of lease deadlines, extensions, renewals, approvals and move out all in one web based application and access it online from anywhere.
  • Support for multi-tier approval workflow automation and flow of information across the portfolio
  • Improved visibility and operational efficiency with real-time reporting and insights to stay ahead of all the tenant and lease issues in a property
  • Manage Operations

  • Manage

  • Manage

  • Manage

  • Reporting

  • Integration

Key Insights

  • PROLEAZ manages end-to-end data pertaining to lease documents as well as monitoring the lease deadlines, extensions, renewals and approvals.
  • Easy to use and user friendly, PROLEAZ is a single platform web based application that retrieves and manages lease compliance via multiple channels and most importantly, across authorized management.
  • Error free, individualised rent collections, miscellaneous charges, CAM, utility, additional and late charges of every tenant is tracked and automated seamlessly.
  • PROLEAZ establishes the framework for the billing system, consolidates it with POS Patrol and can be preset to bill as per lease contract due date.
  • Easily navigable, there is greater efficiency with multi tier approval workflow automation and flow of information across the portfolio between records.
  • Easily integrated with ERP and BMS systems

Automated, accurate & consistent retail solutions that put
you in complete control of your business.

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