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Now, who can say no to a hearty meal in a bustling, upmarket Food Court? No one really! Unless of course the thought of standing in packed queues makes you sweat. Say goodbye to lengthy queues and lengthier waiting periods for the Food Court Management System (FCMS) by Pathfinder is here.

Aimed at creating a seamless system linking food court operators with customers, the FCMS works to shrink the lead time spent on food court queues and allows for more shopping/ purchase time for the mall customer. What does this mean for food court operators? Quite simply, more efficiency in operational management, a simpler, more interactive ‘on-the- go’ menu browsing option and most importantly, increased revenue.

Centralized transaction

Managing and improving the cash flow organization of the Food Court, Pathfinder's FCMS ensures a fault-free central system that takes the hassle away from individual, unique payments. From a central transaction system that encompasses a card issue counter, card top up, replacement and refunds, managing a large scale Food Court's cash flow become easy and fuss-free. Through the system, collecting cash, accepting debit/ credit card payments for manifold food counters and issuing rechargeable cards for order placement across multiple counters is achieved simply, centrally and automatically.

Brand Recall & Flexibility

Take your branding initiative one step further by issuing custom printed rechargeable cards that can be branded with targeted communication/ offers. What's more, with these custom rechargeable cards there is a unique benefit of loading cash and using it to spend as deemed fit. Re-charge as and when needed, as many times as needed and set minimum/ maximum limits for recharge even when the loaded cash gets exhausted.

Gift cards

Ideal for those who appreciate epicurean variety, a Food court spend card makes way for enjoyable dining sessions sans the worry of payment. A great corporate gift, load the Food court spend card with pre set cash and gift a memorable, delectable treat.

Improved cash flow

The highlight of Pathfinder's FCMS is the efficient cash flow system that it delivers ever so simply. Aside from a streamlined cash system, there is scope for revenue by way of card deposits. On every card in the account, a small refundable deposit is collected in advance.

The deposit is duly returned when the customer returns the card, however the card does entice customers to spend/ use more. Unspent balance, if any, is refunded on demand.

Reporting & Insights

Know which food counters set the cash registers ringing and which ones are struggling. Understand a customer's choice of cuisine and determine the individualised/ overall food counter sale. Send out specific marketing messages and ease the reporting process via the F&B POS solution. When implemented, the F&B POS solution and the in built MIS reporting option assist in making the Food Court a vibrant, thriving, revenue generating eco system.

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